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Accredited Skills Programmes

Delta Environmental Centre's Accredited Training programmes seek to empower participants to "be the change they want to see in the world". The participants are engaged in a process of active enquiry and investigation that stimulates life-long learning.

Each skills programme comprises 40% theory and 60% work-based application.

Each contact session includes experiential learning within an outcomes-based approach. Practical application is achieved through group/individual work, research, community-based interaction and coaching. All assignments are set within workplace-based contexts.

All contact sessions will be followed by experiential workplace tasks that learners will complete at their places of work. All tasks will involve a problem-based approach to addressing local environmental issues.

The courses:

  • are relevant and context bound
  • accommodate learners' special needs
  • are structured to enable reflection
  • are designed using a variety if methodologies
  • are based on exciting resources and facilitated by experts with excellent knowledge and experience in the field.

For further details, please contact Ulisha or Shanu on 011 888 4831 or email

The following courses are offered:

  • National Diploma in Environmental Education and Development Practice.
    A two year course, 240 credits.
  • Short course/skills programme. Designing an Environmental Learning Programme. NQF Level 5. 18 Credits.
  • Short course/skills programme. Designing Environmental Education Materials. NQF Level 5. 10 Credits.
  • Short course/skills programme. Exploring the Nature of Environmental Education. NQF Level 5. 10 Credits.
  • Short course/skills programme. Designing Inclusive Environmental Programmes. NQF Level 5. 16 Credits.
  • Short course/skills programme. Understanding Environmental Issues and Responses. NQF Level 5. 34 Credits.

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